First Baptist Church of Lowell

333 Mill St.

Lowell, Indiana

Phone: (219) 696-6475


"Where The 1611 King James Bible Still Reigns Supreme"

Listing of Sermons



010308th Thursday Ephesians 6:9-12

010608am Sunday AM Biblical Research – Part 2

010608pm Sunday PM Revelation 1:1-4

011008th Thursday Ephesians 6:13-24

011308am Sunday AM Biblical Research – Part 3

011308pm Sunday PM Revelation 1:5-9

011708th Thursday Video

012008am Sunday AM Biblical Research - Part 4

012008pm Sunday PM Revelation 1:9-20

012408th Thursday Introduction to Psalms

012708am Sunday AM Biblical Research – Part 5

012708pm Sunday PM Revelation 2:1-7

013108th Thursday Psalm 1 & 2

020308am Sunday AM Passion vs Passive

020308pm Sunday PM Revelation 2:8-11

020708th Thursday Psalm 3 – 5

021008am Sunday AM The Attitude of a Servant

021008pm Sunday PM Revelation 2:12-17

021408th Thursday Psalms 6-8

021708am Sunday AM The Attitude of a Son

021708pm Sunday PM Revelation 2:18-29

022108th Thursday Psalm 9

022408am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

022408pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

022808th Thursday Bro. Garcia

030208am Sunday AM Bro. Bill Schnoebelen – The Mysteries of Forgiveness

030208pm Sunday PM Bro. Bill Schnoebelen – Faith and Faithfulness

030408tu Tuesday Bro. Bill Schnoebelen – Jezebel Eruptions

030608th Thursday Bro. Bill Schnoebelen – The Hidden Mysteries of America's Beginnings

030908am Sunday AM The Attitude of a Soldier of God

030908pm Sunday PM Revelation 3:1-6

031308th Thursday Psalm 10:1-7

031708am Sunday AM The Weapon of Rejoicing

031708pm Sunday PM Revelation 3:7-12

032008th Thursday Bro. Donnie Jeffers – Missionary to England

032308am Sunday AM The Weapon of Resistance

032308pm Sunday PM Revelation 3:14-18

032708th Thursday Psalm 10:8 – Psalm 11

033008am Sunday AM The Weapon of Charity

033008pm Sunday PM Revelation 3:18-23

040308th Thursday Psalm 12

040608am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

040608pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

041008th Thursday Bro. Garcia

041308am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

041308pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

041708th Thursday Psalm 13-15

042008am Sunday AM The Weapon of Meditation

042008pm Sunday PM Revelation 4-5

042408th Thursday Bro. Jason Young – Missionary to Australia

042708am Sunday AM The Weapon of Prayer

042708pm Sunday PM Rick Thacker

050108th Thursday Psalm 16 -17

050408am Sunday AM What is it Called?

050408pm Sunday PM Revelation 6:1-8

050808th Thursday Psalm 18

051108am Sunday AM Bro. Mike Roberts - “Humility of a Dog”

051108pm Sunday PM Bro. Mike Roberts - “Be Thankful”

051508th Thursday Psalm 19:1-4

051808am Sunday AM The Spirit of Truth and Error

051808pm Sunday PM Revelation 6:9-17

052208th Thursday Bro. Garcia

052508am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

052508pm Sunday PM Mike Kunst

052908th Thursday Psalm 20 – 22:5

060108am Sunday AM The Surety of Salvation

060108pm Sunday PM Revelation 7:1-17

060508th Thursday Psalm 22:7-31

060808am Sunday AM Two Viewpoints of Life

060808pm Sunday PM Revelation 8 – 9:12

061208th Thursday Psalm 23 – 25:10

061508am Sunday AM Two Religions of the World

061508pm Sunday PM Revelation 9:13-21

061908th Thursday Psalm 25:11 - Psalm27

062208am Sunday AM Be Patient with God

062208pm Sunday PM Revelation 10 – 11:2

062608th Thursday Psalm 28 – 29

062908am Sunday AM The Game of Christianity

062908pm Sunday PM Bro. John Byrer – Missionary to Alberta, Canada

070308th Thursday Psalm 30

070608am Sunday AM Righteousness, Temperance, and Judgment

070608pm Sunday PM Mike Sekuloski

071008th Thursday Psalm 31

071308am Sunday AM Rightly Dividing the word

071708th Thursday Psalm 32 – 33:6

072008am Sunday AM What to do when you don't know what to do

072008pm Sunday PM Revelation 11

072408th Thursday Psalm 33

072708am Sunday AM What to believe when you don't know what to believe

072708pm Sunday PM Revelation 12;1-10

073108th Thursday Psalm 34

080308am Sunday AM The Way of Understanding

080308pm Sunday PM Brent Hoffman

080708th Thursday Psalm 35 & 36

081008am Sunday AM The Blame Game

081008pm Sunday PM Revelation 12

081408th Thursday Bro. Garcia

081708am Sunday AM Bro. Paul Hiscock

081708pm Sunday PM Bro. Paul Hiscock

082108th Thursday Psalm 37

082408am Sunday AM Accepted in the Beloved

082808th Thursday Psalm 38 – 39

083108am Sunday AM Repentance

083108pm Sunday PM Reid Thacker

090408th Thursday Psalm 40

090708am Sunday AM What is Worse than a Liberal? A Pharisee

090708pm Sunday PM Revelation 13:1-9

091108th Thursday Psalm 41

091408am Sunday AM When God has had Enough

092808pm Sunday PM Jonathan Hulewicz

100208th Thursday Psalm 42 & 43

100508am Sunday AM Serious & Sincere Students of the Bible

100508pm Sunday PM Revelation 13:10-18

100908th Thursday Psalm 44 & 45

101208am Sunday AM The Facade of the End Times

101208pm Sunday PM Revelation 14

101608th Thursday Psalm 46 & 47

101908am Sunday AM The Danger of the Sinner's Prayer

101908pm Sunday PM Revelation 15 – 16:17

102308th Thursday Psalm 48-49

102608am Sunday AM A Double Tongue is Double Trouble

102608pm Sunday PM Revelation 16:18-21

103008th Thursday Psalm 50

110208am Sunday AM The Problem with America

110208pm Sunday PM Revelation 17

110608th Thursday Psalm 51-52

110908am Sunday AM The Solution for America

110908pm Sunday PM Revelation 18

111308th Thursday Bro. Scott Pruitt

111608am Sunday AM Faith

111608pm Sunday PM Church Play

112008th Thursday Bro. Garcia

112308am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

112308pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

112708th Thursday No Service - “Thanksgiving”

113008am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

113008pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

120408th Thursday Psalm 53 – 55

120708am Sunday AM Are You Tired of God ?

120708pm Sunday PM Revelation 19

121108th Thursday Psalm 56-57

121408am Sunday AM Youthful Suggestions

121408pm Sunday PM Revelation 20:1-10

121808th Thursday Psalm 58-60

122108am Sunday AM The Bible and the Cell Phone

122108pm Sunday PM Revelation 20:11-15

122508th Thursday No Service – “Christmas”

122808am Sunday AM Thoughts of the Heart

122808pm Sunday PM Revelation 21