First Baptist Church of Lowell

333 Mill St.

Lowell, Indiana

Phone: (219) 696-6475


"Where The 1611 King James Bible Still Reigns Supreme"

Listing of Sermons



010409am Sunday AM The Newness of Life

010409pm Sunday PM Revelation 22:1-12

010809th Thursday Psalm 61-63

011109am Sunday AM Faith to Faith

011109pm Sunday PM Revelation 22:13-21

011509th Thursday Psalm 64-65

011809am Sunday AM The Promise of Death unto Sin

012209th Thursday Psalm 66-67

012509am Sunday AM The Subtilty of Philosophy

012509pm Sunday PM Rick Thacker

012909th Thursday Psalm 68

020109am Sunday AM The Trials of Faith

020109pm Sunday PM Ephesians 1:1-3

020509th Thursday Psalm 69

020809am Sunday AM Why I Am Not A Fundamentalist

020809pm Sunday PM Ephesians 1:4-6

021209th Thursday Psalm 70-71

021509am Sunday AM The Goal of Life is a Good Death

021509pm Sunday PM Ephesians 1:7-15

021909th Thursday Psalm 72 -73

022209am Sunday AM The Love of God

022209pm Sunday PM Ephesians 1:15-22

022609th Thursday Psalm 74

030109am Sunday AM The Spiritual Mind

030109pm Sunday PM Ephesians 2:1-7

030509th Thursday Psalm 75-76

030809am Sunday AM The Joys of Sorrow

030809pm Sunday PM Dan Bardwell – Missionary to Ukraine

031209th Thursday Psalm 77 - 78:41

031509am Sunday AM Directions from the Lord

031509pm Sunday PM Ephesians 2:8-22

031909th Thursday Psalm 78:42 – Psalm 79

032209am Sunday AM Evangelist Jim White – Jail House Religion

032209pm Sunday PM Evangelist Jim White - What's Life?

032609th Thursday Psalm 80 - 81

032909am Sunday AM The Inspiration & Preservation of the word of God

032909pm Sunday PM Brent Hoffman

040209th Thursday Psalm 82:1-8

040509am Sunday AM A Hard Heart vs A Tender Heart

040509pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

040909th Thursday Psalm 83-84

041209am Sunday AM Faith, Freedom, & Forbearance

041209pm Sunday PM Ephesians 3:1-3

041609th Thursday Psalm 85-86

041909am Sunday AM Paul the Persuador

041909pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

042309th Thursday Psalm 87-88

042609am Sunday AM The Inheritance of the Believer

042609pm Sunday PM Ephesians 3:4-13

043009th Thursday Psalm 89:1-24

050309am Sunday AM The Suffering Saint

050309pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

050709th Thursday Psalm 89:20-52

051009am Sunday AM The Gospel Presentation that Glorifies God

051009pm Sunday PM Ephesians 3:14 – 4:6

051409th Thursday Psalm 90

051709am Sunday AM The Vanity of Today's Mind

051709pm Sunday PM Ephesians 4:7-16

052109th Thursday Bro. Garcia

052409am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

052409pm Sunday PM Missionary to Cuba – Jim Vallance

052809th Thursday Bro. Garcia

053109am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

053109pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

060409th Thursday Bro. Garcia

060709am Sunday AM Heaven & Hell

060709pm Sunday PM Ephesians 4:17-27

061109th Thursday Evangelist David Engesath

061409am Sunday AM Evangelist David Engesath

061409pm Sunday PM Evangelist David Engesath

061809th Thursday Psalm 91

062109am Sunday AM Holy Father

062109pm Sunday PM Ephesians 4:28-32

062509th Thursday Psalm 92 – 93

062809am Sunday AM A Prayer for Discernment

062809pm Sunday PM Family Banquet – Pacific Garden Mission Service

070209th Thursday Psalm 94

070509am Sunday AM The Purpose of Freedom

070509pm Sunday PM Ephesians 5:1-13

070909th Thursday Psalm 95-96

071209am Sunday AM The Influence of spirits

071209pm Sunday PM Ephesians 5:14-21

071609th Thursday Psalm 97-99

071909am Sunday AM Try the Spirits

072309th Thursday Psalm 100-101

072609am Sunday AM The Prodigal Son

072609pm Sunday PM Ephesians 5:22-33

073009th Thursday Psalm 102

080209am Sunday AM Faint Not

080209pm Sunday PM Ephesians6:1-9

080609th Thursday Psalm 103

080909am Sunday AM The Sovereignty of Man

080909pm Sunday PM Mike Kunst

081309th Thursday Psalm 104

081609am Sunday AM The Main Evidence of the Rapture

081609pm Sunday PM Ephesians6:10-14

082009th Thursday Psalm 105

082309am Sunday AM No Excuse for Evolutionists

082309pm Sunday PM Ephesians6:14-24

082709th Thursday Evangelist - Brian DelGrande

083009am Sunday AM Angry at God

083009pm Sunday PM Matthew Mooberry – Missionary to Brazil

090309th Thursday Psalm 106

090609am Sunday AM The Anger of God

091009th Thursday Psalm 107

091309am Sunday AM Evangelist Mike Todd - The Flood

091309pm Sunday PM Intro. To Jonah

091709th Thursday Psalm 108-109

092009am Sunday AM The Glory of God and Man

092009pm Sunday PM Jonah 1

092409th Thursday Psalm 110

092709am Sunday AM The Gospel that Pleases God

092709pm Sunday PM Evangelist Vester Arnold

100109th Thursday Evangelist Vester Arnold

100409am Sunday AM More than Conquerors

100409pm Sunday PM Jonah 2

100809th Thursday Psalm 111

101109am Sunday AM The Only Sure Defense Against Deception

101109pm Sunday PM Jonah 3-4

101509th Thursday Psalm 112

101809am Sunday AM Deception and Its Consequences

101809pm Sunday PM John 1:1-5

102209th Thursday Psalm 113 - 115

102509am Sunday AM The Persistency of Deception

102509pm Sunday PM John 1:6-13

102909th Thursday Psalm 116

110109am Sunday AM Love God

110109pm Sunday PM John 1:14-29

110509th Thursday Psalm 117 - 118

110809am Sunday AM Do You Know Jesus Christ?

110809pm Sunday PM John 1:29-42

111209th Thursday Psalm 119:1-16

111509am Sunday AM Bro. Tremaine Ware – Lust is the Problem

111509pm Sunday PM Bro. Tremaine Ware – The New Creature

111909th Thursday Psalm 119:17-32

112209am Sunday AM Thanksgiving to God

112209pm Sunday PM John 1:35-51

112609th Thursday Thanksgiving Day

112909am Sunday AM Repentance in Salvation

112909pm Sunday PM John 2

120309th Thursday Psalm 119:33-48

120609am Sunday AM The Power and Liberty of Forgiveness

120609pm Sunday PM John 3:1-21

121009th Thursday Psalm 119:49-64

121309am Sunday AM Sober Mindedness

121709th Thursday Psalm 119:65-80

122009am Sunday AM A Vision of God

122409th Thursday Missionary Allen Johnson – Wings Bearing Precious Seed

122709am Sunday AM Evil Communications