First Baptist Church of Lowell

333 Mill St.

Lowell, Indiana

Phone: (219) 696-6475


"Where The 1611 King James Bible Still Reigns Supreme"

Listing of Sermons



010310am Sunday AM Spiritual Understanding

010310pm Sunday PM John 3:22-36

010710th Thursday Psalm 119:81-96

011010am Sunday AM A Lack of Understanding

011010pm Sunday PM John 4:1-43

011410th Thursday Psalm 119:97-112

011710am Sunday AM Respect vs Rebuke of an Elder

011710pm Sunday PM Church Play - “Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy”

012110th Thursday Psalm 119:113-120

012410am Sunday AM Honoring God and Others

012410pm Sunday PM John 4:43 – 5:18

012810th Thursday Psalm 119:121-136

013110am Sunday AM Natural Religion

013110pm Sunday PM John 5:18-47

020410th Thursday Psalm 119:145-162

020710am Sunday AM The Second Coming of the Saviour and Satan

020710pm Sunday PM John 6:1-44

021110th Thursday Bro. Bill Schnoebelen - The Mysteries of Repentance

021410am Sunday AM Bro. Bill Schnoebelen - Dark Roots and Withered Souls

021410pm Sunday PM Bro. Bill Schnoebelen - Study on Music

021810th Thursday Psalm 119:163-176

022110am Sunday AM The Life, Love and Liberty of Laodicea

022110pm Sunday PM John 6:39-70

022510th Thursday Bro. Garcia

022810am Sunday AM The Weapon of Resistance

022810pm Sunday PM Bro. Mike Bartelmann

030410th Thursday Psalm 120 - 123

030710am Sunday AM The Weapon of Rejoicing

030710pm Sunday PM John 6:70 – 7:13

031110th Thursday Psalm 124 - 125

031410am Sunday AM The Weapon of Forgiveness

031410pm Sunday PM John 7:14-31

031810th Thursday Bro. Nick Blackburn - Missionary to The Congo

032110am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

032110pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

032410th Thursday Bro. Garcia

032810am Sunday AM Bro. Shawn Bowman - Missionary to Ireland

032810pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

040110th Thursday Bro. Garcia

040410am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

040410pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

040810th Thursday Psalm 126-127

041110am Sunday AM Common Experiences with God

041110pm Sunday PM John 7:14-53

041510th Thursday Psalm 128 - 130

041810am Sunday AM Common Experiences with God – Part 2

041810pm Sunday PM John 8:1- 36

042210th Thursday Psalm 131 - 133

042510am Sunday AM The Wisdom of God concerning the words of God

042510pm Sunday PM John 8:30-59

042910th Thursday Psalm 134 - 136

050210am Sunday AM Internal Evidences of Salvation Part 1

050210pm Sunday PM John 9

050610th Thursday Psalm 137-138

050910am Sunday AM Internal Evidence of the Conscience

050910pm Sunday PM John 10:1-21

051610am Sunday AM Internal Evidence of a History with God

051610pm Sunday PM John 10:22-42

052010th Thursday Psalm 139

052310am Sunday AM Think Eternity

052310pm Sunday PM Bro. Matthew Mooberry - Missionary to Brazil

052710th Thursday Psalm 140

053010am Sunday AM The Memorial of God

053010pm Sunday PM Teen Service – Rick Tacker

060310th Thursday Psalm 141

060610am Sunday AM The Love of Christ

060610pm Sunday PM John 11

061010th Thursday Psalm 142-143

061310am Sunday AM The Choice to Love

061310pm Sunday PM Tremaine Ware

061710th Thursday Bro. Mike Cecil - Missionary to Thailand

062010am Sunday AM Rich Toward God

062010pm Sunday PM John 12:1-19

062410th Thursday Psalm 144

062710am Sunday AM Rich Toward God – Part 2

062710pm Sunday PM Family Banquet

070110th Thursday Psalm 145

070410am Sunday AM The Abuse of Liberty

070410pm Sunday PM John 12:18-40

070810th Thursday Psalm 146 – 147:7

071110am Sunday AM In God We Trust

071110pm Sunday PM John 12:37-50

071510th Thursday Psalm 147:8 - 148

071810am Sunday AM Knowledge of God

071810pm Sunday PM Church Picnic at Peterson's

072210th Thursday Psalm 149-150

072510am Sunday AM Beloved of the Lord

072510pm Sunday PM John 13:1-30

072910th Thursday II Thessalonians 1:1-4

080110am Sunday AM Make your Life Count for Eternity

080110pm Sunday PM John 13:31- 14:26

080510th Thursday II Thessalonians 1:4-12

080810am Sunday AM Sharp People

080810pm Sunday PM John 14:27 – 15:8

081210th Thursday Bro. Garcia

081510am Sunday AM Patient People

081510pm Sunday PM Brent Hoffman

081910th Thursday II Thessalonians 2:1-6

082210am Sunday AM The Father of a Sick Child

082210pm Sunday PM John15:7 - 27

082610th Thursday Evangelist Brian Del Grande - “Forgiving Others”

082910am Sunday AM Taking the Lord's Name in Vain

082910pm Sunday PM Bro. Dana Vogelpohl – Missionary to Scotland

090210th Thursday II Thessalonians 2:5-11

090510am Sunday AM An Effective Intercessor

090510pm Sunday PM Youth Service – Mike Kunst

090910th Thursday II Thessalonians 2:11-12

091210am Sunday AM What Do You Glory In?

091210pm Sunday PM Church Picnic at Pastor's Home

091610th Thursday II Thessalonians 2:13 – 3:1

091910am Sunday AM Why Me?

091910pm Sunday PM John 16:

092310th Thursday Bro. Garcia

092610am Sunday AM Bro. Vester Arnold

092610pm Sunday PM Bro. Vester Arnold

093010th Thursday Bro. Vester Arnold

100310am Sunday AM The Ministry of Every Believer

100310pm Sunday PM John 17

100710th Thursday II Thessalonians 3:2-18

101010am Sunday AM Proper Behavior Towards Offenses

101010pm Sunday PM John 18

101410th Thursday Ecclesiastes 1:1-8

101710am Sunday AM Love Thy Neighbor and Thine Enemy

101710pm Sunday PM John 19:1-30

102110th Thursday Ecclesiastes 1:9-18

102410am Sunday AM Overcoming the Spirit of Laodicea

102410pm Sunday PM John 19:31-42

102810th Thursday Ecclesiastes 2:1-17

103110am Sunday AM The Ministry of Prayer

103110pm Sunday PM John 20:1-29

110410th Thursday Ecclesiastes 2:18 – 3:

110710am Sunday AM Overcoming Deception

110710pm Sunday PM John 20:30 – 21:14

111110th Thursday Ecclesiastes 4 – 5:5

111410am Sunday AM One World Religion of Death

111410pm Sunday PM John 21:15-25

111810th Thursday Ecclesiastes 5:6 – 6:20

112110am Sunday AM When God gets Mean

112110pm Sunday PM Lucas Fellman – Missionary to Australia

112510th Thursday Thanksgiving Day

112810am Sunday AM Childlike Faith & Forgiveness

112810pm Sunday PM Amos 1:1-10

120210th Thursday Ecclesiastes 6:3 – 7:9

120510am Sunday AM The Sovereignty of God and Man

120510pm Sunday PM Amos 1:11 – 2:16

120910th Thursday Ecclesiastes 7:11-29

121210am Sunday AM Blind Eyes and a Hard Heart

121210pm Sunday PM Church Service canceled due to weather

121610th Thursday Ecclesiastes 8:1-8

121910am Sunday AM God's Gift of Grace

121910pm Sunday PM Church Play – Divine Prophecy

122310th Thursday Ecclesiastes 8:8-17

122610am Sunday AM The Mercy of God

122610pm Sunday PM Amos 3

123010th Thursday Bro. Garcia