First Baptist Church of Lowell

333 Mill St.

Lowell, Indiana

Phone: (219) 696-6475


"Where The 1611 King James Bible Still Reigns Supreme"

Listing of Sermons



010211am Sunday AM Bro. Sidney White - Missionary to Israel

010211pm Sunday PM Bro. Sidney White – Missionary to Israel

010611th Thursday Ecclesiastes 9:1-18

010911am Sunday AM God's Desire to Fellowship

010911pm Sunday PM Amos 4

011311th Thursday Ecclesiastes 10:1-9

011611am Sunday AM The Desire to Know God

011611pm Sunday PM Amos 5

012011th Thursday Ecclesiastes 10:8-20

012311am Sunday AM The Hindrances from Knowing God

012311pm Sunday PM Amos 6-7

012711th Thursday Ecclesiastes 11 - 12

013011am Sunday AM The Hindrances from Knowing God – Part 2

013011pm Sunday PM Amos 8

020311th Thursday No Services – Due to Weather

020611am Sunday AM The Hindrances from Knowing God – Part 3

020611pm Sunday PM Amos 9

021011th Thursday Isaiah 1

021311am Sunday AM Hindrances from Knowing God – Part 4

021311pm Sunday PM Malachi 1

021711th Thursday Isaiah 2

022011am Sunday AM Hindrances from Knowing God – Part 5

022011pm Sunday PM Malachi 2:1-10

022411th Thursday Isaiah 3

022711am Sunday AM The Offences of Life

022711pm Sunday PM Malachi 2:11-17

030311th Thursday Isaiah 4:1 – 5:15

030611am Sunday AM Accepting the Offences of God

030611pm Sunday PM Malachi 3:1-6

031011th Thursday Isaiah 5:16 – 6:8

031311am Sunday AM The Offended God

031311pm Sunday PM Malachi 3:7-18

031711th Thursday Isaiah 6:8 – 7:16

032011am Sunday AM Confronting the Offences of Men

032011pm Sunday PM Malachi 3:16 – 4:6

032411th Thursday Isaiah 7:17 – 8:22

032711am Sunday AM The Offence of Children

032711pm Sunday PM Zechariah 1:1 – 2:6

033111th Thursday Isaiah 9

040311am Sunday AM Love for Jesus Christ

040311pm Sunday PM Zechariah 2:6 – 3:10

040711th Thursday Isaiah 7

041011am Sunday AM The Perfect & Gracious Saviour

041011pm Sunday PM Zechariah 4

041411th Thursday Isaiah 11

041711am Sunday AM Pleasing God

041711pm Sunday PM Zechariah 5

042111th Thursday Isaiah 12 -13

042411am Sunday AM The Resurrection Proves His Holiness

042411pm Sunday PM Zechariah 6:1-8

042811th Thursday Isaiah 14:1-23

050111am Sunday AM Do You Know Jesus?

050111pm Sunday PM Singing & Testimonies – Pastor's Church Anniversary

050511th Thursday Isaiah 14:24 – 16:4

050811am Sunday AM Holy Women

050811pm Sunday PM Zechariah 6:9 - 7:14

051211th Thursday Isaiah 16:5 - 17:

051511am Sunday AM People Who Use God

051511pm Sunday PM Zechariah 8

051911th Thursday Isaiah 18 - 19

052211am Sunday AM Bible Deceivers

052211pm Sunday PM Zechariah 9

052611th Thursday Isaiah 20 - 22

052911am Sunday AM Memorials of the Bible

052911pm Sunday PM Zechariah 10 - 11

060211th Thursday Isaiah 23 -24

060511am Sunday AM The Holiness & Justice of the Lord Jesus Christ

060511pm Sunday PM Zechariah 12

060911th Thursday Isaiah 25

061211am Sunday AM Basic Steps for the Believer

061211pm Sunday PM Zechariah 13 -14

061611th Thursday Bro. Garcia

061911am Sunday AM Honor the Elderly

061911pm Sunday PM Mark 1:1-8

062311th Thursday Isaiah 26:1-4

062611am Sunday AM The House of Prayer

062611pm Sunday PM Bro. Robert Trump – Missionary to the Germanic People

063011th Thursday Bro. Cameron Harris – Missionary to Peru

070311am Sunday AM The Danger of Liberty

070311pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

070711th Thursday Bro. Garcia

071011am Sunday AM The Greatest Virtue

071011pm Sunday PM Bro. Hines – Missionary in Quebec

071411th Thursday (No Recorded Message)

071711am Sunday AM Approved by God

071711pm Sunday PM Mark 1:1-8

072111th Thursday Isaiah 26:10-21

072411am Sunday AM God's Purpose for Heresy

072411pm Sunday PM Church Picnic at Peterson's

072811th Thursday Isaiah 27

073111am Sunday AM The Religious Road to Deception

073111pm Sunday PM Mark 1:9-22

080411th Thursday Isaiah 28:1-13

080711am Sunday AM The Perfect Church

080711pm Sunday PM Mark 1:23 – 2:28

081111th Thursday Isaiah 28:14-29

081411am Sunday AM Bro. Mike Fluech – Missionary to Africa

081411pm Sunday PM Mark 3:1-30

081811th Thursday Bro. Shawn Dunn – VBP Field Representative

082111am Sunday AM The Emotions of the Trials of Life

082111pm Sunday PM Bro. Brent Hoffman

082511th Thursday Bro. Lyle Trembly – Missionary to China

082811am Sunday AM Left Thy First Love

082811pm Sunday PM Church Picnic at Pastor's home

090111th Thursday Isaiah 29

090411am Sunday AM The Secret of the Heart

090411pm Sunday PM Bro. Matt Mooberry – Missionary to Brazil

090811th Thursday Isaiah 30:1-17

091111am Sunday AM Most Patriotic Act of the Believer

091111pm Sunday PM Mark 4:1-20

091511th Thursday Isaiah 30:18-33

091811am Sunday AM Limiting God

091811pm Sunday PM Mark 4:21-41

092211th Thursday Isaiah 31 - 32

092511am Sunday AM Bro. Vester Arnold

092511pm Sunday PM Bro. Vester Arnold

092911th Thursday Bro. Vester Arnold

100211am Sunday AM True Faith

100211pm Sunday PM Mark 5:1-21

100611th Thursday Isaiah 33

100911am Sunday AM Dissolving Doubt

100911pm Sunday PM Mark 5:21 – 6:6

101311th Thursday Isaiah 34

101611am Sunday AM Evangelist Brian DelGrande – A Wounded Spirit

101611pm Sunday PM Brian DelGrande – Is the Devil Down in your House?

102011th Thursday Isaiah 35 – 36:14

102311am Sunday AM What Do You Know?

102311pm Sunday PM Mark 6:7-56

102711th Thursday Isaiah 36:15 – 37:38

103011am Sunday AM Preach Jesus!

103011pm Sunday PM Mark 7:1-23

110311th Thursday Isaiah 38 -39

110611am Sunday AM Knowledge of God

110611pm Sunday PM Mark 7:24 – 8:13

111011th Thursday Bro. Dave Heaton & Bro. Jim Walker

111111fr Friday Bro. Jim Walker & Bro. Dave Heaton

111311am Sunday AM Bro. Jim Walker

111311pm Sunday PM Church Play

111711th Thursday Isaiah 40:1-8

112011am Sunday AM Thanks to God

112011pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

112411th Thursday Thanksgiving

112711am Sunday AM Bro. Garcia

112711pm Sunday PM Bro. Garcia

120111th Thursday Isaiah 40:9-17

120411am Sunday AM Form of Godliness vs Godliness

120411pm Sunday PM Mark 8:14-32

120811th Thursday Isaiah 40:18-31

121111am Sunday AM Viewing People from God's Eyes

121111pm Sunday PM Mark 8:27-38

121511th Thursday Isaiah 41:1-20

121811am Sunday AM The Common Problem of Forgetting

121811pm Sunday PM Mark 9:1-13

122211th Thursday Isaiah 41:21-29

122511am Sunday AM

122511pm Sunday PM No Service - Christmas

122911th Thursday