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Pure Words of Truth
Where the 1611 Authorized Version Reigns Supreme
The Common Man's Reference Bible

The Common Man's Reference Bible is designed to aid the sincere student in personal understanding of the
pure words of the 1611 Authorized King James Bible
and to exalt the pure words and sound doctrine of the word.
Third Edition
Lambskin or Cowhide - $99 each
Hardback - $20 each
Second Edition
Calfskin - $88

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Item 1
Item 2
What is the difference between the second and third editions?
Item 4
Introduction and family pages in parchment paper color
Lined pages for additional notes after Revelation and before the maps
Twelve colorful and uniform maps
Wider margin around the text
Thinner due to 22# paper rather than 28# paper
No returns for name imprinted Bibles will be accepted.
Please correspond directly through email for any issues.
A 20% restocking fee will apply